Asia Tech Podcast had an interesting conversation with Liat Beng Neo, a co-Founder at Arrow.  Arrow is fundamentally trying to simplify the checkout experience to just one tap.
Some of the topics we covered with Neo included:
  • How he initially got involved in the payments space before it was ‘a thing’
  • Cash on delivery used to dominate online transactions
  • Working at some of Asia’s most iconic startups and tech companies
  • Some of the interesting cultural differences between LAzada, AliBaba, TenCent, and Grab
  • The evolution of the payments space and the increased number of options today
  • The complexity that all of these options create for online commerce
  • The difficulty and beauty of being a first-time founder
  • The genesis of Arrow and what it is trying to accomplish
Some other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. Payment Paralysis
  2. The Whole Concept of Checkout Is Becoming More Complicated

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