EP 164 – Ming Jie Chua – Evyd Technologies – Heighten the Urgency for Change

by | Dec 18, 2021

The Asia Tech Podcast welcomed Ming Jie Chua, the CEO at EVYD Technology, to the show.  EVYD optimizes health outcomes at scale, through data intelligence with the goal of making healthcare safer, better, and more accessible.
Some of the topics that Ming Jie covered:
  • The genesis of EVYD and its relationship to Yidu Tech
  • The impact of COVID and the need to strengthen regional healthcare systems
  • Role of research and digitalization in shaping public health surveillance: Benefits of using Big Data and Artificial Intelligence in improving policymaking and workflows
  • The pivotal role of collaboration and education amongst key stakeholders in transforming healthcare systems
  • Focusing on regional collaboration, cross-learning, research, and digitalization in empowering scientific policymaking in healthcare
  • Spearhead discussions and strategize viable solutions to build resilient public health systems that can withstand future challenges
  • What is value-based healthcare and how is it safer and more accessible? 
  • What is the accessibility problem now?
  • What is the EVYD Knowledge Hub…does health care literacy matter?

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