Asia Tech Podcast welcomed Kastytis Kemezys – CEO of WhatNot StartUp Studio for a really great face-to-face chat.  Kas is a co-Founder and the CEO of WhatNot, turning it into an idea powerhouse with a commercial interest in big, scalable ideas.
Some of the topics that Kas and I discussed:
  • The belief that there is NOT a 10 step process to building a successful startup
  • The rebranding of WhatNot from a corporate venture builder into a startup studio
  • Some of the difficulties of building startups with corporates
  • Trying to formulate a new mission and vision during a trip back to Lithuania
  • Having the courage to admit that you are not what society wants you to be
  • Creating his own empire as a child and having the paperwork to prove it
  • The throughline from his childhood empire to building startups
  • Designers versus artists and imagining how the world should be
  • Caring about the output of your effort
  • Building the ‘House of Yes’
  • The three things that Grandpa says matter the most (Spoiler Alert – Adventures, Love, and Being Proud of Your Work)
Other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. I Did Road Trips With My Grandpa
  2. Let’s Just Do a Leap of Faith
  3. They Read Too Much
  4. This Was Harder Than We Expected
  5. I Can Tolerate a Lot of Risk
  6. The Child In Me Always Loved Playing with Different Ideas
  7. I Can’t Have Shallow Conversations
  8. Building Startups for Nature and Culture

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