EP 192 – Takahito Iguchi – CubeMint – Merging the Physical World With the Audio Metaverse

by | Apr 10, 2022

The Asia Tech Podcast spoke to Takahito Iguchi…you know who he is.  You remember his photos in those cool-looking glasses as the Japanese competitor to Google Glass.  He is back with a new product called CubeMint, an attempt at creating an offline to online audio metaverse.
Some of the topics that Iguchi-san covered:
  • His original product launch of Sekai Camera
  • Moving to San Francisco from Japan to get better connected to the VC and startup world
  • Raising $15MM for Sekai Camera at a Techcrunch event
  • Leaving Sekai Camera to found Telepathy
  • Eventually getting fired from Telepathy and losing everything
  • Feeling depressed and considered leaving the startup community completely
  • The realization that many people feel isolated and that audio is a great connector
  • Creating the audio metaverse and CubeMint, currently using Polygon’s Matic
  • The merging of physical spaces and the CubeMint metaverse

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