EP 196 – Anita Jiawen Sadasivan – Co-Founder & Chief Wellbeing Officer at MindFi – Moving in Ways That Make You Feel Powerful

by | Apr 23, 2022

The Asia Tech Podcast had a great conversation with Anita Jiawen Sadasivan, a co-Founder and Chief Wellbeing Officer at MindFi.  MindFi’s mission is to transform the narrative around mental health in Asia.  Anita is a pretty incredible entrepreneur, mental health advocate and powerful pole dancer.
Some of the topics we covered:
  • Anita’s educational background in mental health and her passion for pole dancing
  • Winder blues and seasonal affective disorder
  • Coming back to Singapore to take care of her father
  • The connection between physically fit and mentally fit
  • The signs of sliding into depression
  • The founding of MindFi
  • Corporate interest in the mental health of employees, but not knowing where to begin
  • The Y-Combinator experience
  • Using Data, AI and Algorithms
  • Finding joy in helping others and building a passionate team
Other titles we considered for this episode:
  1. That’s Just Part of My Journey
  2. Companies Benefit with Mentally Healthy Workforce
  3. There Aren’t Enough Mental Health Specialists to Go Around
  4. Seeking My Own Answers
The audio on this episode was expertly edited by Isabelle Goh.

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