EP 283 – Sheldon Li – CEO Buyandship – The Value of an Entrepreneur Is to Make the Right Decision on Priorities

by | Jun 28, 2023

Get ready to be inspired by this episode of the Asia Tech Podcast with Sheldon Li as we embark on a transformative journey through the founding of Buyandship and its focused purpose of helping people buy products from anywhere and making the entire experience feel like shopping locally. This episode is packed with wisdom, innovation, and the remarkable story of Buyandship.

Some of the topics that Sheldon covered:

  • How Sheldon’s sister helped inspire the founding of Buyandship
  • Uncovering the sources of price arbitrage in cross-border eCommerce
  • How data and technology continue to revolutionize online shopping
  • Innovative global expansion and market entry strategies
  • The profound impact of sustainability and eco-friendly practices in Buyandship’s logistics partners
  • The power of focus, the art of saying “No.”, and some invaluable lessons learned from making mistakes

Some other titles we considered for this episode, but ultimately rejected:

  1. The Experience Has to Be the Same as Shopping Locally
  2. I Am Able to Sell Anything as Long as the Product Is Being Sold Online
  3. Talking To Another Person Is Always Inspiring
  4. The Best Way to Work With Local Partners Is to Align Long-Term Interests
  5. Until I Make That Mistake Myself, I Would Not Really Learn It

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