EP 295 – F1 Singapore Grand Prix 2023 Special – Michael Waitze

by | Sep 20, 2023

The Asia Tech Podcast went to the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore to ask fans about F1 teams aiming to go to net zero emissions and to find out what they thought was more important, the technology in the car or the driver!

It costs over $1BN dollars to develop a championship-winning F1 engine, hundreds of millions of dollars yearly just to run a team and many years and over 1,000 people to design each new car.

On the Asia Tech Podcast, we normally talk to startups and venture capitalists in Asia…but none are spending that much on R&D.

By 2026 the F1 cars will have completely new engines and by 2030, F1 teams need to reach net-zero emissions. …and we went to the F1 Grand Prix in Singapore to find out what the fans think about this!



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